Dress Shirt Re-Invented by Two MIT Students

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From job interviews to weddings, functions, mixers, whatever the reason, we’re forced to spend time with the worst item in our closet. It’s an itchy, stiff, restrictive and, in the summer, a mobile sweat lodge. Don’t forget how expensive it is to clean and maintain.

Not once in my adult life have I enjoyed my time with a dress shirt. From my sweat-soaked college graduation to starting a career, traveling and all the meetings and events they entail, breaking out the shirt and tie was a noticeable dark mark on the day. I finally reached my breaking point on a particularly hot summer’s train commute.

After turning to the internet, I discovered what a worldwide terror dress shirts have become. Even modern attempts at relieving it fall flat. Then I found Ministry of Supply (MOS).

MOS is a Boston-based startup created by two MIT students using their studies, experience NASA space fabric to re-engineer dress clothes. It’s a promise that’s been made a thousand times before, but after facing their own frustration with dress shirts they claim to have made “the world’s first performance dress shirt.”

It’s called Apollo 3 and, with nothing to lose, I gave it a shot – and I’m loving it.

Maintenance Won’t Hold You Back – It’s Wrinkle Free

We all know features mean sacrifices. Wrinkle-free is either a lie or packed full of chemicals and machine washable means hours spent ironing. It’s all effort you’d rather put elsewhere. The Apollo 3 is made using a special NASA fabric called Phase Change Materials. Basically, it takes care of itself. It’s built for space so the washing machine is a cakewalk. And best of all, I went from packed-closet wrinkled to fresh-pressed in 10 minutes because of how it responds to body heat alone.

Bonus: The 3D-designed collar and permanent neck stays have ended my lifelong battle with bacon collar, that awful, slept-in look our shirts are cursed with.

Self-Regulating Material For 19x Breathability

Phase Change Materials designed by NASA promise to let in 19x more air of regular cotton shirts and more flexibility than polyester. The fabric can also switch between retaining heat or cooling away sweat. Before trying I didn’t know whether that was just marketing talk or what. I wanted to believe, but my experience with past dress shirts overpowered my impulse to buy. Then I read how their co-founder has a Guinness World Record after completing a half marathon faster than anyone before him. The catch that had me sold? He did it in a MOS suit.

Now that I’ve worn it for a full 30-day test, I get it. My summer commutes were a breeze and with winter here my body heat is a helping hand against snow and wind.

Move Comfortably and Confidently – Stretch and Flexibility

Previous attempts at combining active and work wear have always been a letdown. Why do I have to choose between comfort and style? I want the breathability and mobility of performance wear, along with the sharp, professional look you get with work wear.

The Apollo 3’s fabric and construction provide me with stretch and flexibility like I’ve never felt before. I look like I’m in my best-tailored shirt but feel like I’m in my favorite feather-weight workout tee. It’s a borderline dirty secret how much easier it makes the work day.

Want the experience for yourself? Head over to the Ministry of Supply website to learn more.