These Fashion Trends Will Never Go Out of Style

Nearly every season is out with the old, in with new. Pay close attention, though, and you’ll notice that much of the “new” is usually just the even older with a slightly different paint job.

True to fashion (ha) humans are creatures of habit. Just as certain styles are well past their end of life, we start to circle back around to what made them so popular to begin with. Peacoats, boot-cut jeans, twill jackets, all remnants of generations past that saw new life with trimmer fits and modern innovations.

Some items, however, are timeless. Though rare, as fashion completely evolves they ride the line perfectly enough to always be in style.

Here are some trends we’ll never say goodbye to.

Levi Jeans

Dozens of fits, hundreds of washes and available everywhere. The world’s most classic jean has been safe since its first pair was sold in 1853 and we don’t see that changing.

Converse Chuck Taylors

From questionably healthy basketball and track shoes to go-to casual sneaker, Converse has been a closet staple since their introduction in 1917. Though the company often updates its line with trendy colors and patterns, the original line of primary color Chucks are here to stay.

Analog Watches

Despite awkward pairings with calculators, mobile phones and more over the years, classic ticking watches have been with us since the dawn of time (again, ha) and aren’t going anywhere. You heard that right, Apple.


With an even more interesting progression than Chuck Taylors, high-heels have been with us since 15th century Persians needed more security in their horse’s stirrups and now represent power, class and luxury for working women everywhere. Though they aren’t always comfortable, heels are timeless.