This Customizable Jewelry Captures What the Moon Looked Like On Your Special Day

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It can be hard to capture life’s significant moments, but I recently discovered an amazing company that creates unique, memorable jewelry that encapsulates what the moon looked like on your special day.

Moonglow designs one-of-a-kind jewelry featuring a picture of the moon from the moment that matters most to you.

Moonglow is perfect for any occasion, big or small. Whether it’s an unforgettable moment like a marriage or graduation, or in honor of the birthday of a loved one, their jewelry is an elegant, wearable piece of art that’s just as beautiful as it is meaningful.

Every time I’ve given one of these stunning jewelry pieces as a gift, whether to a friend or a family member, the reaction has been priceless.

Best. Gift. Ever.

Find Your Moon Phase

Moonglow is perfect for:


Moonglow is ideal for special occasions worth remembering again and again. An engagement, a wedding, a graduation, the birth of a child, or the purchase of a home—all these moments deserve to be cherished and celebrated for years to come.

Life Milestones

A big move, a career change, the closing of one chapter, the beginning of another—Moonglow can commemorate any of your special moments, big or small, and remind you of the true strength you have inside.

Honoring A Loved One

Best of all? Moonglow is wearable. Whether it’s commemorating the birthday of a significant other, best friend, pet, or family member, you know you’ll always keep your loved one close to you, no matter where you go.

Customizable & Made To Order

I was shocked by just how fast it was to turn a special moment into a stunning piece of jewelry. It’s as easy as clicking a button, selecting the style and having the memory shipped to you.

Once I chose my date, Moonglow did the rest for me. It immediately showed me the phase of moon on my special day, and allowed me to choose from many different beautiful jewelry options, including:





-Chokers & chains

Along with the moon’s phase, I was also able to customize my jewelry with an engraving of my special date. They even had an option to include genuine Swarovski crystals that represent your birth month! 

Capture Your Special Moment

My Experience

I love wearing my Moonglow pieces. Moonglow allows me to keep my most cherished moments close to my heart, and my Moonglow jewelry serves as a constant reminder of my happiest times and my favorite people.

Even more special, however, is giving Moonglow as a gift. I’ll never forget the look on my best friend’s face when I gave her a necklace that captured the phase of the moon when her daughter was born. She wears it every single day, and I love knowing that I was able to honor her family with such a unique gift.

Start Designing Your Jewelry

Editor’s Note: For a limited time only, Moonglow is offering 10% off your first purchase (some items are excluded). Be sure to capture your special moment before this offer is gone for good!