5 Ways You’re Wasting Money – Start Here To Save!

The human race is one of many talents. But as diverse as each of our skills and abilities are, there’s one we all share a nearly-supernatural knack for wasting money. Unplanned expenses, surprise shopping sprees or just plain losing track of it all, in one way or another we all excel at parting with money we should be saving.

Here are 5 surprising ways you could be wasting money.

Overpaying for cable

TV, phone and internet packages are an entire world of twists, turns and rotating deals. Why? Because they’re negotiable. Do some research and come prepared to tell your provider you’re leaving for competition and your monthly bill is sure to drop.

Buying name-brand

More often than not, the generic version of many popular foods, products, even medicines, are just repackaged versions of the name-brand product you already buy. Compare the ingredients and sources to ensure you’re getting the same product and you can save up to 50% on most items.

Paying ATM fees

Taking a short side track to make it to your bank’s ATM can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Poorly planned meals

Buying in bulk or loading up on random extras can often come back to bite you. Going to the grocery store with even a vague plan of what meals you’ll eat this week not only saves you from wasting money but wasting food as well.

Buying bottled water

Sometimes you’re in a pinch. We get it, but little expenses resulting from a lack of planning add up, the most common being water. Buying a reusable bottle may not be immediately cheaper, but will pay for themselves in no time.