How to Properly Train for a Marathon

It’s hard enough to prep for a daily jog. Finding the time, having the right shoes, stretching, cool-down. Take that jog, multiply it by 13 and you’ve got a physical feat that, on paper, sounds like a real bucket list contender. In practice? Yeah right.

The number of aspiring marathon runners and people struggling to train for one is a perfect circle. But a few simple steps can make it all happen.


This advice goes double if it’s your first time, but having a coach means having customized training regimens that keep you in the best condition possible.

Focus on small goals

This isn’t a race, seriously. Most marathons take several hours to complete. But prior to those few hours can be months, even years of training. Small improvements will leave you better prepared for the naturally long process while also keeping you from burning out.

Prioritize your training

The closer you get to a marathon, the more of your day preparation consumes. Begin prepping your schedule early on so that work surprise social events don’t set you back a day.

Don’t get discouraged

Not every day will leave you feeling your best. You’ll be tired, sore, even ill, but whether it takes four weeks or four months to achieve an hour straight of running, keeping your head in the game keeps you from falling out.