Meet The Machine That Beats The Gym In Every Way

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If you’re like me, carving out time for the gym has always been, and forever will be, a pain. 

I’ve tried being a morning warrior and rolling out of bed at 5 AM to get in a workout before I head to the office. That meant: 

  • Waking up and driving in the dark (Who needs the sun? Turns out: I do)
  • Getting changed for work in a locker room (Forgot a towel? Behold: the hand dryer!)
  • Eating on the go (Feeling good after your workout? Time to undo it all and eat the first food you can find)

Simply put: not for me. Even beyond the very obviously depressing fact that you wake up enshrouded in darkness, there are so many logistical hurdles between getting to the gym and getting to work on time. But what about hitting the gym after work?

I’ll save you the suspense: I found a lot I didn’t like about that either.

  • Driving from the office to the gym during rush hour, adding time spent in the car
  • Competing with the much larger after-work crowd, adding time to your workout 
  • Getting home at a crazy-late hour, taking time away from what precious little you have to yourself outside of the office

And what about the fact that COVID-19 has fundamentally changed our relationship with public spaces, especially gyms? According to CNBC, “59% of Americans say they don’t plan on renewing their gym membership once the pandemic is over.” Who can blame them? Paying a sky-high monthly fee was hard to justify before the pandemic. With the added risk on top of the laundry list of hassles and inconveniences, it seems downright foolish in this new normal.

I Needed Something Different

Bring on the home training regimen…right? But here’s the thing––even for someone like me who hates going to the gym, it’s hard to deny that it offers a lot more than your average home setup. 

The squat racks, the machinery, the free weights––everything you need to get a great workout is right there. How can a home gym compete with that?

Body weight exercises are great, but I’m always looking for more variety from my workout;  something less repetitive than countless pushups and squats and more exciting than your average treadmill. Enter the Ski-Row Air and Ski-Row Air+Pwr, both from EnergyFit. 

Everything You Need For a Great Workout

All home workout equipment has to meet specific criteria in order to be worth your while:

  • It has to provide a great workout (and hopefully a varied one)
  • It has to fit in your available space
  • It has to provide better value than a simple gym membership

There’s never been a machine that checks these boxes quite like EnergyFit.

Ready to get started? It’s never been easier to make the most of your home exercise setup. If you’re like me and you can’t stand the thought of setting foot in a gym anytime soon, check out EnergyFit now!