My Secret To Staying Fit On A Busy Schedule

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Let’s be honest… getting in shape is hard

If you haven’t already realized this while playing catch up on that pesky New Year’s resolution, you’re likely about to find out as you dust off that gym membership and prepare to take charge of your health. 

But where does it all go wrong? After all, on paper that quick morning session still gets you to work on time, then it’s just a quick grocery run, pick up the kids, head home, make dinner, do some laundry… oh wait, there it is. Turns out our days are already exhausting. Add in 3-5 workouts each week and a handful of social engagements over the weekend? Game over.

In fact, the biggest obstacle between us and the body of our dreams isn’t a lack of motivation. It’s having the time and energy to just get to the gym. 

When I came to that realization I had no idea how to beat it. Class services didn’t work with my schedule and gyms were too expensive for how little I used them. I needed something that could give me a full workout whenever I needed it. 

That’s when I discovered Hydrow.

Built with precision, packed with smart features, it lets you connect to their very own network of classes led by real athletes. At any time of day you can get a smooth, quiet and intense workout, even compete against rowers around the world, from the comfort of home.

It’s an indoor rowing machine like you’ve never seen it before – and here’s how it changed the way I stay in shape.

You Get The Best Of Both Worlds

If you’re anything like me, you love the flexible, come and go nature of a gym but yearn for the expert guidance of a good spin or pilates class. 

That’s why Hydrow gives you hundreds of live and on-demand workouts to suit whatever your mood or schedule may be. Plus, each class is coached by real world-class athletes to challenge and inspire you as you workout. Not sure of how well you’re performing? Hydrow delivers real-time feedback and workout information on the attached touch screen. 

It even comes with total freedom. Only have 45 minutes? Even 20 minutes? No sweat, you can start and stop sessions of varying lengths at any time. 

Every Workout Is A New Experience

The biggest challenge of working out at home has always been, well, being at home. Whether I’m following along to a new workout video or just getting in a quick stretch, it’s hard not to be distracted by what’s going on around me or the things I’d rather be doing (looking to you, reclining chair). 

But Hydrow keeps you locked in. If it’s not the previously mentioned athletes getting your head in the game, it’s the on-screen visuals simulating rowing real locations around the world. 

What really gets me, however, is the competitive aspect. 

At any time I can participate in an actual race against rowers around the world! Have you ever had an amazing workout and beaten a personal best while narrowly taking first place? It’s an incredible feeling. It makes me not only look forward to breaking a sweat but gives me a major confidence boost for the rest of the day.

It Secretly Works Your Entire Body

Forget what you’ve been told. While rowing is a great way to strengthen your arms, saying it’s “just” an arm workout massively undersells the results you’ll see everywhere else. 

Behind every stroke, your arms, shoulders, back, chest, core and legs are feeling the burn as they fight water and bodyweight resistance. If done right, it’s a full-body cardio and strength workout in one convenient package. 

Hydrow even recommends adding a little balance to your routine with regular yoga, pilates and strength training routines you can now enjoy with the time you’re saving elsewhere!

Ready to get the best workout of your life without having to spend it all at the gym? Head on over to Hydrow to learn more about their indoor rower, meet the Athletes and more!