The #1 Mistake Most Protein Powders Make

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Protein supplements have long reigned supreme in the world of personal fitness. With good reason—you need protein to build muscle, and unless you’re willing to spend a fortune at the grocery store every week, you need a supplement. 

What they don’t tell you is that protein supplements are only as efficient as their amino acid profile. And it’s the #1 reason your protein powder may be failing you. It turns out, there’s real science behind the way our bodies absorb protein.

Researchers have discovered that all living organisms possess their own specific amino acid pattern that permits maximal digestion and absorption of proteins. If the amino acids provided by the supplement don’t match the specific requirements of the body, as is the case with most supplements, then all of the extra protein and building blocks won’t be absorbed.  When the ratios of amino acids are far different from what the body actually requires, which is usually the case with other supplements, the majority of the protein you drink is broken down and wasted instead of being used to build muscle. 

Let’s take a look at whey, for example. Whey is highly regarded by many people in the fitness field, but when you eat weight protein your body is only using 18% of that protein to actually build muscle. That kind of inefficiency is enough to make anyone frustrated. 

That’s why I was so excited to discover Fortagen.

Through years of research, Dr. Jaquish, the inventor of the X3 bar and OsteoStrong, created a blend of amino acids that’s perfectly optimized for our bodies. The result is Fortagen: the single most efficient protein supplement on the market today, with a net amino acid utilization of 99%.

A mere 10g scoop of Fortagen provides as much usable protein for muscle building as a 50g scoop from ordinary protein brands. And clocking in at only $2.50/serving, it’s significantly cheaper than many other proteins, which are about $4+/serving. 

But does it actually provide results? I had to try it to believe it.

I liked that Fortagen was sugar-free, fat-free, and vegan, because I knew it wouldn’t give me that dreaded “bubble gut” that I’ve experienced with most other proteins. I also noticed that it was made in America and came with a quality guarantee—I immediately knew it was a product I could trust.

The powder mixed almost instantly, without much shaking. It also tasted pretty good, and at only 4 calories, didn’t even break my fast. But what really blew me away was what I noticed about 45 minutes later—or rather, what I didn’t notice: No bloating. None of that “too full” feeling you get once you chug your protein shake. And, just as I had suspected: no bubble gut.

I was light. I felt clean and clear-headed, and ready to take on my day. 

I’ve been using Fortagen for the past 3 weeks and I’m already seeing more definition and lean muscle. My workouts feel lighter and more effortless, and I’ve said goodbye to all the post-protein powder sluggishness that used to drag me down.

Now, whenever someone asks me for my fitness secret, I tell them the truth: my body comes from hard work and hours logged in the gym. But I also recommend they use Fortagen.

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