5 Reasons Why I Replaced Beer With This Drink

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When the world shut down, I decided it was finally time to clean up my eating habits and ditch my vices. Now that I was stuck at home, I had no excuse right?

Throwing out all my junk food was hard enough, not to mention dusting off my old dumbbells and trying to squeeze back into my workout clothes. 

The hardest part, however, was the beer. Me, Netflix, and an ice cold IPA was my end of day ritual that always relaxed me. 

As someone who relies on routine, I started to panic. What was I going to look forward to now? I wasn’t a fan of juices or smoothies and I craved the carbonation and hoppiness that an IPA always gave me.

I needed a healthier substitute for beer that still tasted like…well, beer. That’s when I discovered HOP WTR. 

Marketed as the “healthy alternative to beer” I’ll admit I was skeptical at first. But as I continued to read about it, I learned their drinks are made with adaptogens and nootropics, substances used in herbal medicines to help alleviate stress and boost brain performance. 

I thought it was almost too good to be true. A drink that was actually good for me but still tasted like beer? I needed to try it for myself.

I decided to get the variety pack, so I could try all three of their flavors: Classic, Blood Orange, and Mango. I was happy to see that I received free shipping with my purchase as well! 

Upon receiving my HOP WTR, I chilled them in my fridge and waited until the end of the day, just as I would my IPA, to crack one open. 

It’s safe to say the first sip blew my mind.

  1. It Feels Like I’m Drinking A Beer

The first sip tasted so similar to my favorite light beer, I had to do a double-take and read the list of ingredients again. All three flavors are unique, but each has the classic hoppy, citrus-forward taste I love in an IPA. With slightly earthy notes from their blend of Centennial and Columbus dry hops, the fruitiness of the Blood Orange and Mango flavor provided a natural hint of sweetness in every sip that complemented the hoppiness beautifully. 

  1. No Crying Over Calories

I admit, although I love drinking my calories in the form of an ice cold beer, it definitely catches up to me (and my gut). Luckily, HOP WTR has ZERO calories. That’s right, you heard me. So now you can sip away and enjoy the taste of beer without the consequences of calories, game-changer. 

  1. So Long Sugar

Sweet drinks, while they taste good, can come back to haunt you with a gnarly hangover. With these sparkling alternatives, you can still enjoy a hint of sweetness with fruity notes of Blood Orange or Mango, without the added sugar. 

  1. Gluten Begone

The one thing that always bothered me about beer was the bloating. I would constantly feel so full and sluggish even after my first beer, but HOP WTR thought of everything and got rid of the gluten! So even those with celiac or a gluten intolerance can enjoy the refreshing taste of beer, minus the harmful side-effects. 

  1. No Alcohol Here

Despite my love for beer, I’ve never loved the effects it’s had on my already high-blood pressure, not to mention liver damage and embarrassing blackouts. With HOP WTR, I can satisfy my craving for a hoppy beverage and ditch the health risks of alcohol for good. 

I never thought I’d be able to enjoy the taste of an IPA without sacrificing the health of my body, but thanks to HOP WTR a healthier lifestyle is easier (and more delicious) than ever!