60% Of Women Don’t Know They Suffer From This Common Disease – I Was One


Weight gain, lack of energy, sensitivity to cold – when it came to my body, I should have known it was telling me something was wrong.

However, even with the clear signs, my disease went undiagnosed for years.

It started after my divorce. I began to gain weight, I felt tired all the time, and wound up in a bundle of blankets even on hotter days. 

After months of suffering, I finally sought help, but I was shocked when my blood tests came back normal. 

Then what was wrong? I figured it was the stress from the divorce.

It wasn’t until a friend came over for lunch that I explained all my issues. My inactivity, my 30 extra pounds, my freezing fingertips. She looked at me knowingly and asked if I had ever been tested for thyroid disease.

I told her about the tests that all came back normal, but she insisted I get a second opinion. My symptoms were just too similar to the ones of thyroid dysfunction. 

I made an appointment the next day. 

When I drove to the specialist, I remember being hopeful but terrified. Yes, I wanted an answer, but did I want to know the truth? 

During my appointment, the specialist confirmed what my friend had thought. I had thyroid disease. 

What Is The Thyroid? 

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that sits in the front of your neck and is wrapped around your windpipe. This gland produces and releases important hormones that control your metabolism. 

When my thyroid began to not work properly, I started to develop a serious condition called hypothyroidism, which meant my thyroid wasn’t producing enough hormones. 

This can cause:

  • Fatigue
  • Increased sensitivity to cold 
  • Frequent periods 
  • Brain fog 
  • Constipation 
  • Dry hair or hair loss

I was dealing with many of these side effects, blaming myself for being lazy and inactive. 

Surprisingly, 60% of people with thyroid disease are unaware of their condition and continue to suffer through the symptoms – I was one of them. But, I was relatively healthy, so how could it happen to me?

Who Is Affected By Thyroid Disease? 

I was surprised to find out that anyone can be affected by thyroid disease. It can be present at birth or develop as you age. 

Over 20 million people in America have some form of Thyroid disease, however, it is 5-8 times more common in women.

Once my new doctor diagnosed me, we were on a mission to balance my hormones and get me feeling myself again. But the next steps were not as easy as I thought. 

My Prescription Drugs Weren’t Working 

I had been told that Thyroid disease was a life-long medical condition that needs to be managed. But I didn’t think getting back to the right hormone level was going to be hard or that my symptoms were going to persist. 

I was still sluggish, cold, and gaining weight. So I began to do my own research. 

That’s when I found Balance by Harmonia. It was an all-natural thyroid supplement that was backed by the leaders of hypothyroidism information and diagnosis.  

How Balance Worked To Regain My Healthy Thyroid Levels 

Balance is a non-prescription remedy that uses whole ingredients to ease women’s symptoms and help their hormones return to proper levels. 

It addressed all my concerns, but was it too good to be true? 

I researched their proprietary blend and discovered they use all 6 clinically proven natural ingredients that help regulate thyroid levels. 

Guggulsterone Extract 
Increases thyroid function and influences weight management/weight loss. 

Mandatory for healthy production of thyroid hormones. 

Hydroxytyrosol Acetate 
Protects cells from rapid aging, promotes healthy liver, skin, and bones. 

Vitamin K2 
Regulates calcium deposition, helps promote brain function and cardiovascular health.

A nourishing compound that is known for boosting metabolism and improving overall mood. 

Selenium Methionine 
Helps your body produce thyroid hormones for a more regulated metabolism. 

Since it was all-natural, affordable, and available without a prescription, I decided that with my increasing symptoms, there was nothing to lose. I ordered Balance+, an extra potent support supplement for those who struggle to lose weight or always feel tired. 

How BALANCE Tackled My Thyroid Disease 

First, my energy started to come back. I had more motivation to exercise, hang out with friends, and even date. 

Then, I started to see the pounds come off. Each day I was feeling better than the last until I wasn’t experiencing any symptoms. 

I had let Thyroid disease control my life for too long. And while my journey had been a lengthy one, I was grateful I finally felt healthier using non-prescription supplements.

Whether you want to regain energy, improve focus, or just worry less about your levels, Harmonia has scientifically mastered the powerful blend that balances your hormones, so you can get back to a balanced life. 

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