8 Reasons Why I Chose These Snacks Over Chips

Was there such a thing as the perfect chip? I was on a quest to find out.

Chips were my go-to ever since I was a kid. The salty goodness, the crunch, the dust sticking to my fingertips. Thinking about it still makes me mmmm…

But my body isn’t what it used to be. After years of munching on my usual go-to chip, I start to feel heavy, foggy, and just all around crummy. And don’t get me started if I just straight up ate a whole bag… I was low-key devastated. Chips used to be something I just couldn’t live without, so what would I turn to now? 

That’s when I set off to look for a chip that would mark off my only two boxes: tastes great and leaves me feeling good. I scoured the grocery aisles around my city, becoming a serial ingredient-checker and chip-taster.

Was there something out there that would replace? It seemed hopeless.

Then one day my friend visited and brought a bag of Outstanding Foods PigOut Pigless Pork Rinds rinds along with her. It sparked my interest… pork rinds! I hadn’t thought about that before. And to have them plant-based? Well, you’re talking my language. 

I took one bite, ordered my first batches of puffs and rinds from Outstanding Foods, and the rest is history. 

Why Outstanding Foods Was the Snack I Was Searching For

Conventional chips are high in empty calories and low in nutrients. They’re also fried in highly refined vegetable oil and contain a LOT more salt than what our bodies could take in. I knew there was a healthier choice for myself and my family. And I know I’ve found that in Outstanding Foods. Here’s why:

  1. It’s Delicious. Period.
    You won’t find yourself tasting that lifeless artificial aftertaste like how you do with your regular chips. Chef Dave, who also created Beyond Burger™, personally has a hand every batch that leaves his kitchen. 
  1. Goodbye, Snacker’s Guilt
    You can rest assured knowing that you won’t feel heavy, bloated, or sluggish after a bag of Outstanding Foods. I can be fully present and enjoy my puffs and rinds in the here and now, all because I know that what I’m eating is all natural ingredients.
  1. Ffflavorful
    I thought healthy snacks were boring by default. Then I tasted White Chedda Outstanding Puffs. And let me tell you… it’s like a party in my mouth everytime I open a bag. Outstanding Foods puffs and the rinds come in a variety of flavors, too, like White Chedda, Hella Hot, Nacho Cheese, Texas BBQ, and Salt & Vinegar
  1. Nutrient-Dense
    Not only is PigOut less salty and has less saturated fat than regular rinds, but Outstanding Foods Outstanding Puffs are also pretty much a meal in a bag. With a whopping 21g of plant-based protein and 30% of your DVs, you’re pretty much set when you’re in a *crunch*.

  2. My Kids Love It
    My favorite point! I love sharing with my family because I know that when they’re eating Outstanding Foods, they’re eating good. I know exactly what the ingredients are. Even my kids can pronounce them! They stay away from the Hella Hot flavor because (no joke) they’re pretty spicy, but that just means more for me!

  3. It’s 100% Plant-Based
    My friend who introduced me to Outstanding Foods is plant-based and already had these as her go-to. Healthy, delicious, and nutritious? I’m in. And if you’re on a plant-based diet or are plant-based curious, these snacks are for you.

  4. Helps Me Make Healthier Choices
    When you choose foods like Outstanding Foods you are consciously making a healthy choice. And what does a healthy choice make you more receptive to doing? Seeing how you could be healthier in other areas of your life!

  5. I Get It When I Want!
    It’s HARD not to want these in your life all the time, especially if you’re a retired chip-eater like me. Their subscription option makes it fast, convenient, and easy for me to snack when I want. Bonus: if my kids or partner wants a particular flavor, we can mix and match so now everyone is looking forward to delivery day!

For all those recovering chip-addicts, I see you and I hear you. I hope this helps you see that there’s a different way to get your crunch on. An Outstanding way. 

Meet Your New Snack Addiction