Beauty Experts Create Breakthrough Treatment For Stubborn Neck Fat

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Beauty entrepreneur Randi Shinder has developed a breakthrough new way to not only reduce necklace lines, melt stubborn fat around the neck, chin, and jawline but leave skin fully rejuvenated without the use of cosmetic surgery. 

Known as an industry groundbreaker and self-professed “beauty junkie,” Shinder has released the Sculpting Wand XL. Using revolutionary scientific technology, it provides all the results of a neck lift without surgery, needles, or fillers.

Since its release, the Neck Wand XL has generated overnight results and total transformations in just 2-4 weeks for women around the world.

The formula, powered by a patent-pending Fat Melting Complex, mimics a metabolic process that topically increases IRISIN levels. Once activated, IRSIN targets and melts away fat cells accumulating in stubborn, hard to treat areas like the neck, chin and jawline.

And the results? Skincare professionals and cosmetic surgeons alike are stunned.

First, because the Sculpting Wand XL delivers all the benefits of a neck lift without invasive procedures or even leaving the house. By following the recommended nighttime schedule, Shinder even says the benefits will improve over time!

Second, because this proprietary formula is also the first of its kind to build collagen and rejuvenate skin at the cellular level.

This is because the Sculpting Wand XL’s formula stimulates skin cells, amplifying their natural repair process to create millions of new cells and wrinkle-erasing collagen with every application. 

“Incredible results,” one review reads. “I’ve been using the XL wand… for 30 days and I feel like I have lost 10 years off of my neck!” 

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But it’s not just the amazing results that made the Sculpting Wand XL a beauty essential for women everywhere – it’s how easy it was to get them! Just watch as it’s creators walk you through the simple steps it takes to get incredible results.

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