Everything You Need To Know About AHCCⓇ

As long as humans have recorded history, and probably even before, they’ve studied the many benefits of mushrooms. By serving as a source of protein, aid in hair health, and even a material to use in construction, all five million known species have found their way into our daily lives.

However, 270 of these stand in a class of their own because of the unique medicinal properties they contain.

You may be familiar with shiitake and lion’s mane, but if you have not yet heard of AHCC, then you may be in for a surprise. AHCC is a patented specialized extract from the roots of Lentinula edodes mushrooms. It is rich in alpha-glucans and works to modulate the body’s immunity.

What’s unique about this proprietary mushroom supplement is that it has solved the absorption issues that come with many other medicinal mushrooms. Through its patented fermentation process, the molecular weight was able to be reduced to as little as 5,000 Daltons, allowing for much better results when it comes to absorption and efficacy.

It became publically available in Japan in 1987 and has since then become a regular part of health maintenance for all walks of life. In fact, it has been used in thousands of hospitals, universities and health clinics worldwide.  It’s growing popularity for it’s immune modulating benefits allowed it to go on to be supported by over 30 human clinical studies completed in prestigious institutions, spanning Ivy League and pharmaceutical labs alike. Today it stands as one of the most researched specialty immune supplements in the world.

So what does it actually do?

AHCC is the perfect fit for numerous health needs, from routine wellness to more severe cases. Day-to-day usage provides immune support and improved overall health. For those struggling with symptoms due to the change in season or in the middle of a cold, it could help your body to power up its defenses against invaders and could also bring those with a laggy immune system up to speed.*

Carrying some stress? AHCC use has also been shown to reduce the oxidative tissue damage that stress commonly causes within the body.* In one study, it also appeared to improve blood glucose levels.*

QOL’s proprietary AHCC supplement takes all of its known benefits a step further, by boosting your immune system’s first line of defense! It works by increasing the activity of NK cells (a component of the innate immune system) by as much as 800%. It also leads to increased cytokine, T-cell and macrophage production, all three of which are essential to our body’s immune response.

Plus it’s all delivered in a gluten-free, vegetarian capsule that makes getting your dose simple.

For more info you can check out the Quality of Life website.