How I Finally Beat My Anxiety (In The Middle Of A Global Pandemic)

For most of my adult life, I tried my best to ignore my anxiety. I was usually able to keep my symptoms manageable, even if they never felt completely under control. 

I’ve always shoved my emotions deep down to “be strong” and push forward, but my anxiety was a slowly rising tide. Day to day, I’d do my best to keep my head above water.

Then the pandemic hit.

As the world transformed around me, I was confronted with my worst nightmare: my anxious thoughts were overwhelming me. The constant worry about friends and family, the stress about my own health, the doubt about the state of our world—my worst-case scenarios were playing out before my eyes causing me to spiral into more anxious thinking. And worst of all, I was faced with what felt like endless time alone, without the distractions that used to help me get through the day. I self-medicated with a glass (or three) of wine at night alongside doing my best with self-care from bubble baths to long walks, but I no longer felt in control.

I couldn’t avoid the problem any longer. I needed to tackle my anxiety head on.

That’s when I discovered (okay, rediscovered) meditation. And completely changed my relationship with my anxiety—for good.

My Meditation Journey

I’d tried meditation before, but it was never a practice I was able to stick with.

My previous attempts at meditation had been frustrating.  I’d find my thoughts wandering and get upset at myself. It was so difficult to know if I was doing well or if it was having any impact.

With no way to tell if I was really improving, and no one to guide me through my practice, I thought meditation was just another dead end.

Then I found Core.

Why I Love Core

Core isn’t just another meditation app (trust me, I’ve tried my fair share).

Core is an actual, physical device that guides you through your meditation and helps you deepen your practice. It sends pulsing vibrations through your palms to keep you grounded and to serve as an anchor to return your attention to when your mind wanders. And it uses biosensors to track vital responses like heart rate and stress level—real data that shows the impact meditation is making on your body.

Before, I’d felt like meditation was so mysterious. How can you tell whether something that exists only in your brain is… actually working? Core took meditation out of my head and put it in my hands. 

My Experience

The first thing I noticed about my Core Meditation Trainer was the appearance—it had beautiful wood finishes that looked great on my nightstand. Seeing it every morning was the reminder I needed to pick up my trainer and start meditating.

Core’s vibrations also allowed me to deepen my meditation practice. They synced with Core’s app to guide my breath, grounding and connecting me throughout each session. Holding a physical object helped me calm my wandering thoughts. Every time the Core trainer pulsed, I was reminded to re-center and focus on the practice.

But maybe my favorite thing about my Core trainer is the biosensors. They monitor your heart and stress levels while you meditate, so you can see the actual, tangible difference that meditation is making in your body—both over the course of a session and over the span of many months, as your practice deepens. 

Tracking my progress was the motivation I needed to actually stick with meditation for good. And I’m so happy with the results. Not only do I see the data in my Core app, but I feel the physical changes in my body, and in my relationship with anxiety (not to mention sleep quality).

Why I Recommend Core

For those interested in making meditation a habit they actually commit to, I highly suggest Core.

Here’s why Core makes a difference in meditation.

It’s tangible. No more mystery or guesswork. The Core trainer makes meditation easy to practice and understand.

It’s grounding. Core’s vibrating pulses calm wandering thoughts to center and deepen your practice.

It tracks your vital signs. This is seriously a game-changer. Core gives you insight into how your body responds to each meditation—so you know what to work on, and can see how far you’ve come.

It’s habit-building. Core’s mere presence in your home is a physical reminder to meditate every day. But it’s also designed to encourage habit-building by tracking your progress and showing results.

It syncs with a library. Core comes with a free library of soundscapes, guided meditations, and breathing tracks that all connect directly with the Core trainer. That means the trainer, the audio, and your breathing are all working together in perfect harmony.

Instructors that Inspire. Core’s premium subscription provides unlimited access to an ever-changing roster of on-demand classes led by expert instructors in Core’s San Francisco studio, which are accessible both in-person and through their premium app.

I live in San Francisco, and am looking forward to attending the meditation classes in person when it is safe to do so. Until that time, I’ve really enjoyed sampling Core’s wide selection of classes (you can participate live or view them on-demand). I never realized how many different types of meditation were out there! Finding a trainer that really resonated with me made all the difference to my practice.

No Risk

If you’re ready to revolutionize your meditation practice, Core offers a 30 day trial and a one year warranty. So if Core doesn’t radically change the way you meditate, you can send it back—no sweat.

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