How I Finally Beat My Back Pain—Without Drugs or Professional Help

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Business woman suffering from back pain in office home

The pain started in my late 20s. At first, I didn’t understand it. Sitting at a computer, working at a desk, driving in a car—none of these were particularly strenuous activities. So why did my back feel worse than ever?

That’s when I learned that 80% percent of adults experience some form of back pain. One of the main causes:

Poor posture & hours in a seated position. – this is what many experts are claiming to be the new cancer…

The truth is, human beings weren’t built to spend 40+ hours a week working at a desk. And though sitting can feel like a low impact activity, it can lead to diminished flexibility, weakened joints, and stiff muscles which can cause tension and lead to more serious problems.

Naturally, I started looking into solutions.

First, there were the over-the-counter anti-inflammatory/pain-relief agents, then those nasty prescription drugs… but they all came with a long list of nasty side effects. I also didn’t like the idea of being reliant on any type of drug for the rest of my life, with no end in sight.

Then I looked into massage therapists and even chiropractors, only to be shocked at how expensive they were… a single visit could cost me well over one hundred dollars! I definitely don’t have that kind of money and I needed to be able to get relief on my own terms, whenever I was in pain.

But then I discovered the WonderBack Pro.

Created by an Olympian sports-fitness expert and recommended by therapists, WonderBack Pro is a revolutionary traction device that provides immediate relief from lower back and leg pain, to upper back and neck pain. The unique, compact design makes it easy for anyone to get the alleviation/relief they need whenever and wherever, within minutes!.

WonderBack Pro is an in-home traction device like you’ve never seen before—and here’s how it changed the way I managed my back pain.

Simple Design, BIG Results

I tried inversion tables, foam rollers, those gnarly poker sticks, yoga and more, but nothing provided the deep stretching benefits of the WonderBack Pro.

The Dual-Directional™ arcing motion technology delivers the most effective two-way spinal decompression. The concave roller works directly on the muscles that surround and support the spine, letting gravity decompress my vertebrae naturally, quickly relieving stubborn muscle and joint tension.

And the simple lever system allows me to completely control the amount of stretch and pressure, making it safe and easy to use for all ages and body types.

Lasting & Preventative Benefits

While the WonderBack Pro is great for alleviating pain and tension, it can also be used daily to prevent or reverse the damage caused by sports injuries or sitting too much.

So even if you are not currently experiencing pain, you’ll still benefit from using it to stretch and loosen muscles before and/or after a day of work, a strenuous workout, or after a few hours on the couch.

And, if you’re someone like me who enjoys a more intense massage, you can use the acupressure sleeve for deeper penetration into your tightest back muscles, activating key stimulation/trigger points for relaxation, recovery, and relief.

The Competitive Difference

If you’ve ever seen a conventional traction device, you know they are big, bulky and often require assistance to operate. The compact, lightweight design of the WonderBack Pro makes it easy to store, easy to pack, and easy to operate. So I can get relief even in my small apartment, or when I am at work, inside the office.


Results like this would normally cost thousands whether through professional help or conventional in-home traction devices. WonderBack Pro is a fraction of the cost! You, too, can enjoy a lifetime of back pain relief for less than the cost of a single session with a physical therapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist.

If you are ready to say goodbye to debilitating back pain, head over to WonderBack Pro to learn more!