How I Finally Beat Sleep Deprivation—And Got My Sanity Back

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A good night’s sleep: it’s something that we all hope for at the end of a long, stressful day. 

If you’re like me (i.e. a working parent), there is nothing you want more than one (just one!) night of restful, rejuvenating sleep. So why is it so hard to come by, even if life feels more exhausting than ever? 

It should be the most straightforward part of your day. 

Lay down. 

Turn off the lights. 

Close your eyes. 

Do nothing. 

That’s four simple steps, all of which require hardly any effort at all. 

But here’s the thing: none of those steps take into account what happens before you get into bed. 

The Dreaded No-Sleep Cycle

Everyone that’s experienced restless nights knows the pattern. 

It starts when I wake up tired. 

Then I drink a few too many cups of coffee to perk up, followed immediately by entering that strange purgatory between over-caffeination and complete exhaustion. 

Then I crash around the middle of the day, sabotaging your productivity (if you were productive at all), which means…. 

…It’s time for another cup of coffee to wake up again! 

By the time I’m getting ready for bed, I’m exhausted––but not tired

All that caffeine I need just to stay awake keeps me from falling asleep, meaning I’m in for another restless night. And then it starts anew the next morning, rinse and repeat. 

Falling Asleep Should Be Straightforward…Right? 

My day is never going to be as simple as waking up, living life, and falling asleep.

Maybe I had an issue at work; maybe my daughter is struggling with something at school. 

It could be something way smaller than that––sometimes it’s something as simple as spilling my coffee that’s truly the last straw

And if you’re like me, you’re beginning and ending every day by looking at your phone: a ritual that includes one-part freaking out about the state of the world, and one-part staring into a screen that’s scientifically proven to make falling asleep more difficult.

Now add in noisy neighbors, snoring spouses, and that weird clicking sound in your kitchen that won’t go away.

If you’re already on edge and anxious, those all-too-predictable distractions become impossible to ignore, no matter how much you anticipate them. 

Is it really any wonder that falling asleep is a struggle?

I needed a way to block out the background noise and remove all distractions, and give myself the time, space, and solitude necessary to fall asleep. 

That’s why I was so relieved when I found QuietOn.

Life’s Hard––Falling Asleep Shouldn’t Be

I’d looked high and low for noise-masking devices that would help me fall asleep––but there was always something wrong.

Maybe they didn’t block out sound effectively enough, like the Bose Sleepbuds™.

I spent several nights trying to negotiate the Sleepbuds™, hoping that they would finally be the thing I’d been searching for. 

But here’s the thing: they only created white noise, rather than actually block out the sound that was keeping me from falling asleep. 

So when I heard snoring, traffic, or any other random noise in the middle of the night, the Sleepbuds™ would only rise in volume to try and mask the other sounds, rather than block it out. 

I was lured in by the promise of calming sound effects like campfire crackling, nature noises, and waterfalls––but all I got was more noise.

They made falling asleep even more fraught and chaotic, just adding to the frustration rather than minimizing it. 

But QuietOn? My earbuds now block out low-frequency sounds like snoring and ambient noise, two major roadblocks I have to contend with Every. Single. Night. 

I can’t change the state of the world or make all my problems go away with the snap of a finger (believe me, I’ve tried). But I can change what I allow to distract me when I’m in bed.  

QuietOn’s noise-cancelling earbuds gave me the opportunity to take charge of my sleep quality, and create a peaceful, soothing environment that was perfect for getting a good night’s sleep.

As the world’s smallest noise-cancelling earbuds, they make a major impact without getting in the way.  

Since I started using QuietOn, I’ve been able to mitigate that first hurdle to getting a good night’s sleep: sleeping well the night before. 

No more vicious no-sleep cycles. 

No more waking up at the slightest sound or loudest snore. 

Just calm, restful bliss. 

I now use it in any situation where I need to center myself, especially while I’m traveling or trying to focus on work. 

It’s saved me from so many sleepless nights and unproductive days, and helped me become the version of myself I always knew I could be if I could just fall asleep, distraction-free.