I Thought My Beauty Routine Was Clean. It Was—But Only From The Neck Up.

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Like many, my relationship with skincare started sometime in high school. Seemingly overnight, it felt like my face had decided to wage war on the rest of my body. The skin I’d taken for granted was suddenly dry one minute, oily the next, and prone to embarrassing breakouts. 

Skincare products were my lifesaver. They gave me the ability to exert some control over my acne. But as I got older, I became more aware that not all products were created equal. I realized that clean beauty was an incredibly important part of skincare. After all, how could I rub something full of nasty chemicals on my face and expect it to help my skin?

As my tastes transitioned, I tossed my cheap skincare products in the trash and never gave them a second thought. I thought my beauty routine was clean. And it was—from the neck up.

As embarrassing as it is to admit it, I continued using decidedly questionable products on the rest of my body for years after my supposed clean beauty upgrade. 

Body wash, lotion, deodorant—these were products I used every single day. It never occurred to me that they were just as full of chemicals as my old drug store beauty products. And that my beauty routine wasn’t nearly as clean as I’d given myself credit for.

My Dirty Beauty Experience

When it comes to beauty, the three biggest offenders are parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. These chemicals were added to our beauty products many decades ago—long before anyone realized the impact they might have on our bodies.

Since that time, science has shown us that they can cause irritation, hormonal disruption, or even cancer. There’s a reason that many forms of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates are banned from personal care products in Europe and Canada.

I’d given my face the five star treatment for a long time. But I realized that when it comes down to it, your face is just a small part of your total body self care routine. Every single product that your skin comes in contact with should be free from toxins and chemicals.

And many brands don’t make the cut.

How I Changed My Routine—For Good

Overhauling my beauty routine meant taking a look at every single product my skin came in contact with—not just my makeup.

I needed a brand I could trust for clean beauty. One that was committed to doing things the right way. 

That’s when I found Kopari. And I was finally able to give my whole body the clean beauty upgrade it deserved.

Detoxify Your Beauty Routine

Why I Love Kopari

Kopari is a clean beauty company that makes natural beauty products for the entire body—not just the face. Instead of relying on chemicals, their products contain natural ingredients like coconut, aloe, and shea.

Kopari is committed to keeping their products free from toxins, gluten, and GMOs. And best of all, they never use any parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

Here’s how I used Kopari to transform my beauty routine in four easy steps.

The Total Body Detox

I start my showers with Kopari’s Sudsy Shower Oil. It’s a two-in-one body wash that cleanses and hydrates to leave my skin fresh, clean, and ready for the day (plus, it smells amazing).

For all my exfoliation needs, I trust the Coconut Crush Scrub. It’s made of coconut shells and sugar, rather than conventional exfoliators that contain plastic. It buffs away dead skin, leaving me feeling ultra soft and oh-so-smooth—way more than my loofah ever could.

Then comes my favorite part: moisturizing. I use Coconut Melt on my face, arms, legs—basically my entire body (I even use it to shave, or it can double as a hair mask!). It’s 100% unrefined coconut oil, so I know my pores are only soaking in the good stuff.

Then all it takes is a swipe of Kopari’s 100% aluminum-free coconut deodorant, and I’m ready for my day. (If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably heard about all the gross things aluminum deodorant can do to your body! I’m so glad I made the switch).

Detoxify Your Beauty Routine

My Experience

Kopari makes it easy for me to know that when it comes to my beauty products, my entire body is getting the good stuff. It’s simple, fast, and kind to my skin. Plus, it has no scary chemicals—just ultra-hydrating natural ingredients.

Here’s why I recommend switching to Kopari:

Clean Beauty: Products made with natural ingredients like coconut, aloe, and shea.

No Nasties: No toxins, parabens, sulfates, aluminum, or phthalates—ever.

Free Shipping: Orders over $30 ship free, and so do all returns!

Special Gift: Every order comes with a super fun free gift or sample. They’re always changing, so you never know what you’re going to get.

Get The Ultimate Clean Routine Bundle 

Kopari has bundled their Sudsy Shower Oil, Coconut Crush Scrub, Coconut Melt, and Coconut Deodorant for the first time ever. So now you can save $34 when you buy them together!

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No Risk

If you’re ready to revolutionize your total body beauty routine, Kopari offers free returns on every order. So if their products don’t radically change the way you bath, you can send them back—no sweat.

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