We Tried 5 Natural Deodorants and Only One Made The Cut — Here’s Why

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Nobody tells you the hardest part of using natural deodorants–yes, even beyond the antiperspirant detox–is finding “your” brand.

Since making the switch, probably around the same time you also learned the horrors of parabens and aluminum, I’ve found myself bouncing from brand to brand. Even after an unsuccessful (and messy) attempt to make it at home — no luck.

I tried out the five biggest natural deodorant brands for a month each to figure out if they could stand up against the smells and sweats of daily life.

Some brands outright didn’t work. One famous for their baking soda led to weeks of burning, itching rashes. Another from Maine had me reapplying all day to cover recurring stink, making my shirt and pits a mess.

I had high hopes (and hefty curiosity) for another brand made using green tea. After all, it couldn’t get much more natural than that. The smell was mild and soothing and the ingredients are focused on sensitive skin. No rashes, no stink, but the deodorant was so wet I somehow felt like I was sweating more. That’s a no-go.

Then I made the jump to small-business and charcoal at the same time. This brand promised “better” products instead of “more,” which resonated well with my efforts to reduce waste. 15 minutes at the gym, however, and I was looking for some backup. Sweat, stink and all that deodorant went to waste.

Nothing was as effective as PiperWai. At the end of day one, I realized I hadn’t even thought about checking for sweat or whether I needed to reapply. My reasons for loving it only grew from there.

Increased Odor and Wetness Control

Activated charcoal – it’s taking over. From toothpaste to air fresheners these crispy, burnt remains are finding new life. PiperWai is the first company to put it to work in deodorant. Naturally absorbent, its porous surface allows it to cover a wider surface and reduce moisture without clogging pores. It also balances out the pH of your sweat glands, making sure no odor-causing bacteria can call your armpits home.

It’s Made With Sensitive Skin In Mind

It’s the first brand I’ve found that has a low enough baking soda content for me. Baking soda’s harsh enough on regular skin, but if you have sensitive skin like me, you don’t want to put it somewhere as delicate as your armpit. Coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter ensure, first and foremost, your skin is moisturized. Even after shaving, when my pits are their most vulnerable, no discomfort or rashes to be found. An extra splash of vitamin E oil also keeps your pits nourished and clean.

Made To Work With Your Body

Of all the things I can change about myself, my body chemistry, unfortunately, is not one of them. Where other brands use harsh chemicals to mask odor, PiperWai has a blend of essential oils including lavender, bergamot, clove and more. They’re real ingredients that each have a unique purpose beyond smelling great. From clarifying pores to soothing aromas, what you smell goes beyond skin deep.

If you’d like to learn more about PiperWai (and I promise, you do), check out their website or try it for yourself.

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