Why Farmbox Direct is the Must-Have Subscription Service You’ve Been Waiting For


When it comes to cooking, convenience isn’t everything: it’s the only thing. 

As a working mom, it feels like I’m always scrambling around dinner time––working tirelessly to come up with a meal that’s equal parts tasty, healthy, and simple. 

On a good night, I’m lucky to check 2 out of 3 those boxes…but usually it’s more like 1. 

Hitting that glorious trifecta requires a ton of effort and time. It requires trip after trip to the grocery store, an inconvenience I simply don’t have time for in the middle of a busy workweek. 

Throw in school drop-offs and pick-ups, practices and recitals, and help out with homework? 

It’s a wonder we don’t have fish sticks 7 nights a week. 

My partner and I love cooking together––we just wish there wasn’t such a hassle involved. So we decided to give the subscription game a try. 

Fresh, healthy food delivered directly to our door? Sounds like a dream. 

Oh, how wrong we were. 

Subscription services came and went: we were frustrated for different reasons with different services, and had yet to find our Magic Slipper subscription. Uneven produce quality; frustrating scheduling; inflexible order sizes. We didn’t want a one-size-fits-all solution, but that’s what we kept encountering.  

We wanted something that fit our exact criteria––something consistent but also flexible enough to be changed when our schedules demanded it. 

A service that would offer us fresh, in-season produce. Something that would make cooking exciting again, with ingredients that were fun to experiment with but equally fun for our (sometimes) picky children to munch on. 

Enter Farmbox Direct

The Only Subscription Service Worth Using

When I say this service totally changed the way we ate (And shopped. And cooked. And lived)…

It had everything we were looking for, and then some. 

It starts with the box (of course). They offer a wide range of different produce box options, most with the ability to customize produce items to suit your household’s preferences.. Different sizes, different ingredients, organic or conventional produce,and all stocked with fresh, in-season fruits and veggies that were a joy to eat (and a ton of fun to cook with).

With up to 5 substitutions available for our favorite box, All Organic Large Farmbox, we always got to choose exactly what we wanted so that nothing went to waste. 

But what if we were out of town for a week? What if our plans changed and we had to adapt on the fly? 

They helped with that too. Farmbox Direct offers commitment-free subscriptions, and we could customize our schedule up to 3 months in advance. You can order boxes weekly or biweekly, and make adjustments as needed––a total lifesaver. 

We can cancel anytime (not that we plan to); we can enjoy more fresh, delicious produce than we ever have in the past. We have all the options we need to create delicious, satisfying meals. 

And the best part? 

We never have to wait in line at the grocery store again. 

Farmbox Direct ships all over the continental U.S. And is there anything more delightful than getting a package you’re truly excited about? Now imagine that feeling every week. 

That’s the power of Farmbox Direct. It’s totally changed my family’s eating habits for the better––and I can’t wait for it to change yours, too. 

Ready to get your daily dose of nutritious fruits & vegetables delivered?  

Try Farmbox Direct today and enjoy healthy eating.