Why I Almost Gave Up On Daily Contact Lenses Until I Found Aveo

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Careless About Your Contact Lenses? Same Here. 

I’m usually the person to fall asleep in their contact lenses. I know, it’s bad right? Take a tour of my bathroom and you’ll find boxes of contacts crammed in the medicine cabinet behind countless other products. The truth is, I’ve simply never cared about my contacts.

Despite relying on them to see every day, I’ve always settled for basic lenses. Whether they were uncomfortable, made my eyes itch or were insanely expensive didn’t matter, I just needed them to get the job done. I had accepted that when it came to contact lenses, I had to compromise my comfort and budget, end of story. 

Earlier this year, I was Facetiming my sister who commented on how frequently I kept reaching for my eye drops. She also suffers from dry eyes and recommended Aveo, a brand she’d been using for over a year and said they were so comfortable, she sometimes forgot she was wearing them. To top it off, she told me I could test out their lenses for only $5 and they’d be delivered to my door, an added bonus during quarantine.

I was hesitant at first. This sounded too good to be true, as I’d been wearing contacts for 10 years and never seemed to find the right fit. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but decided to check out their website anyways. And I’m so glad I did. 

Came For The Contacts, Stayed For The Experience.

First impressions matter, and Aveo absolutely crushed it. Upon visiting their website, I was happy to see simple, streamlined packaging that immediately grabbed my attention. 

Depending on which contacts you need, each box has a different message printed under the logo. Their standard lenses have “hello” printed on the box along with a cheeky image of an eye winking at you. Not only that, but their emphasis on creating comfortable and affordable contacts felt like it was speaking to my soul (and my sensitive eyes).  

They also offer their “joy!” lenses, specifically for those with astigmatism, making them the first subscription daily contacts to do so! I made a mental note to tell my roommate later, who struggles finding comfortable lenses for his astigmatism. After reading numerous glowing reviews from people who suffered from the same dry, sensitive eyes as myself, I was sold.

I began the easy process of signing up for their trial, which started with verifying my valid prescription (you can also take their online vision test if you need to renew your prescription!). The trial itself includes 10 pairs of lenses and I was happy to see I only had to pay $5 for everything!

When I received my contacts in the mail, it was like a birthday present for my eyes. The product itself was expertly packaged with care and the box of lenses was as aesthetically pleasing as the website advertised. My box of “Hello” contacts had the cheerful phrase “make your eyes smile” printed on both the outside and inside, along with their signature wink. I immediately cleaned out my medicine cabinet and made room for what I hoped would be my new go-to lenses. 

An Aveo Epiphany

Sure enough, the first day of wearing my Aveo lenses I knew I made the right choice. With my old contacts, I often had to use eye drops or would altogether remove my lenses in the middle of my workday and opt for my glasses instead. With Aveo, I completely forgot I was wearing them and was able to blaze through my workday without itching my eyes once! 

They not only helped keep my vision clear, but actually helped hydrate my eyes. Needless to say, I ditched my eye drops and tossed my old contacts in the bin. 

After my Aveo epiphany, I returned to the website to manage my subscription. Their flexible monthly plan, the Flex30, offers 30 pairs for only $36 a month, which is the plan I went with. Luckily, they offer three plans based on your preferences: Flex30, Easy90, or Annual+, so it makes it easy to choose the option that best fits your lifestyle. They even provide a snooze feature, so you can put your subscription on hold if you’re traveling or on vacation. No more abandoned packages on your doorstep!

I never thought I’d feel so spoiled when it came to my eye care. Aveo creates an affordable and accessible experience for everyone, providing individual care throughout every step of the process to make sure you (and your eyes) are happy.

I’m happy to say I’ve finally committed to a lens that works for me, every day. Thank you Aveo, for helping me care about my contact lenses again!