Why I Replaced My Morning Coffee With A Juice Shot

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Like many people, I didn’t give a lot of thought to the health of my immune system. I tried my best to eat well, worked out when I had the time, and thought I was pretty much nailing this whole “being an adult” thing. 

But this year, I realized I’d been taking my good health for granted. I think we can all agree that immunity is more important than ever right now. I had to take proactive measures to buffer my immune system and give my body the best chance it had at keeping me healthy.

So I started researching immunity. And I discovered the simple key to supporting my immune system.

How I Support My Immunity

As it turns out, the food we eat plays a vital role in supporting our immune system—or not. Soda, caffeine, processed foods, and alcohol can all weaken your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to getting sick. But there are many natural ingredients that actually support immunity, like citrus, ginger, and spinach.

The mother of all these ingredients is probiotics.

Probiotics are live microorganisms—namely bacteria and yeasts—that can live in your body. They support gut health, improve your digestion, and (you guessed it) give a major boost to your immune system.

Many studies have shown the efficacy of probiotics in bolstering immunity. Once I learned about this powerhouse ingredient, I knew I needed to incorporate probiotics into my daily routine.

That’s when I found SUJA.

Why I Love Suja

Suja has organic, cold-pressed juice shots made with complex blends of natural ingredients that boost functions like immunity, energy, and digestion. 

I chose Suja because it’s one of the only juice shots that contains probiotics. (Seriously—a game changer).

The second it hits my tongue, I can instantly taste all the mighty goodness packed into their mini bottles. It’s refreshingly earthy with a bit of a tingly kick—just what I need to start my mornings.

Suja has also worked wonders on my digestive system. For the longest time, I thought that bad digestion was just a natural part of getting older. Suja showed me it doesn’t have to be. I didn’t even realize how much my digestive problems were impacting me—until I started incorporating probiotics into my diet.. Now that I know, I’m never going back.

Now, instead of that morning cup of coffee that used to leave me with an afternoon caffeine headache, I begin my days with an energizing juice shot that wakes me up right away! It’s a simple morning ritual that’s completely revolutionized the way I care for my body.

The Bottom Line

Starting every day with Suja is the best thing I could have ever done for my digestion, energy levels, and immunity. Best of all, I get to take on the world with confidence, knowing my immune system’s got my back.

Boost My Immunity

Editor’s Note:

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