Why It’s Important to Be Healthy…..Duh

In the day to day shuffle of work, life, sleep, repeat and the dozens of hiccups and obstacles that pop up along the way, it’s hard enough keeping track of time let alone the needs and status of your body.

And while it’s often easier to ignore that ache, skip the gym and hit the drive-thru, taking the “long way,” or the time and effort needed to act on healthier choices can far outweigh the temporary perks of our bad habits.

Here’s why…

It’s Cheaper

Forget whatever ideas you have during your trip to the grocery store, they’re wrong. While frozen meals, snacks, or skipping it all together for the 3-for-5 menu is admittedly easier than $50 in food that requires even more time to prepare, the benefits are temporary.

Besides how quickly dining out stacks up into $10-$15 meals three times per day, lower quality food is a guaranteed way to rely on higher costing medical care down the road fighting off cholesterol, weight, even diabetes troubles.

It Feels Good

The longer we put off the gym or continue to eat poorly, the more sluggish we start to feel. If it’s not the pounds adding up or the prevailing guilty, it may literally be a mental disorder.

Numerous studies within the last decade have found links between our diet and the activities of our brain. One from 2014 found a link between the intake of processed foods and depression, specifically in how drastic dietary changes impact hormones and brain triggers. Poor diets also don’t provide the fuel we need to develop and function on a day to day basis.

You’ll Live Longer

Even in cases of “bad genetics,” eating healthier means less of a chance of developing lifespan-limiting conditions. And who doesn’t want to live longer, right?