326 Million People Are Participating in THIS Event in 2021

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This July, 326 million people across 177 countries are taking the challenge of giving up single-use plastic. That means giving up plastic straws, produce bags, utensils, coffee cups, and more.

While that may seem impossible, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

And the benefits are enormous! Cleaner streets, oceans, and happier communities thanks to the global movement—Plastic Free July.

Here are some easy swaps you can make for the month of July—and beyond.

The first step on your journey is going to be making a list of all the single-use plastics you use on a daily basis, from morning to night. Then, find ways to replace them with sustainable, reusable products. Follow along on my journey, and learn some tips and tricks!

8:30 am

After my cup of homemade coffee, I get ready for the day by packing a lunch. Normally, I use Ziploc bags, but now I’m switching to these Silicone Sealer Bags. They’re heat and cold resistant, microwave safe, and I can even stick them in the dishwasher!

net zero silicone sealer set in fridge

11:30 am—Desk Swaps

At work, I often send packages to clients. While I use recyclable cardboard boxes, I noticed that I also use plastic tape! So, I’m switching to this awesome Self Adhesive Reinforced Paper Tape. It’s got super cute designs and is way stronger than I expected.

Brown Paper Tape  Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape  Self Adhesive

5:30 pm—Grocery Run

After work, I stop by the supermarket to restock on some fresh veggies. While I always bring my reusable shopping totes, I often use clear plastic bags in the produce section. Until I found these Cotton Mesh Reusable Produce Bags. Made of 100% organic cotton, they’re see-through so the cashier can easily scan my items.

7:00 pm—Dinnertime!

I love to cook (and eat) dinner, but cleaning, not so much. Enter these lifesaving Stretch & Seal Silicone Lids. They fit over literally anything—cups, half a watermelon, bowls of leftovers, you name it. And it keeps them fresh longer!

10:00 pm—Nighttime Routine

The last thing of the day is taking off my makeup and getting ready for bed. I used to use plastic Q-tips to get rid of eye makeup, but now I use these Bamboo Cotton Rounds. They’re dual-sided and made of GOTS-certified cotton. Plus, I save money by not having to buy new ones every week!

You may notice that all the products here are from Net Zero. I love them because not only do they ship carbon neutral in zero-waste packaging, they also plant a tree for every order. And they have every product you could think of!

HINT HINT— they’re doing a sitewide sale this month to start you on your low-waste journey! Just use code PFJ15 on their site for 15% off!

Take the challenge this July and go plastic-free. You can find more eco-friendly tricks at www.plasticfreejuly.org and ways to spread the word.