5 Reasons To Spend More When Buying Art

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Moving to a new home opens your eyes to what you have too much of and, simultaneously, not enough of. 

I recently moved to a new apartment and as I was unboxing my belongings, I quickly realized I had nothing to hang on my walls (and I mean NOTHING). 

I stared blankly at the walls around me and in that instant, made up my mind: I’m going to buy wall art.

My initial instinct was to visit local thrift stores or flea markets like I’d done in the past, the problem being I’d always end up donating my finds, giving them to a friend, or even tossing them in the garbage. 

I didn’t want to continue throwing away money and knew I had to say goodbye to warped paintings and chipped frames if I wanted to seriously invest in quality art. 

But where did I even start? What style of art best fits my new home? Are the prices going to be in my range? Is the investment worth it? 

Luckily, that’s when I found Wall vs. Me.  

  1. Explore Diverse Collections

I love variety when it comes to artwork and Wall vs. Me was overflowing with it! Featuring more than a dozen categories of artwork from contemporary and abstract to surreal and photo, it was easy to find pieces that suited each space in my home.

  1. Support Artists

Normally I purchase art to just fill the space, but each individual piece at Wall vs. Me is carefully curated by invite-only artists from around the world! So now I’m not only investing in a beautiful piece, but supporting an eclectic roster of artists and building a deeper connection with the artwork in my home. 

  1. Elevate Your Space

Unlike previous art I purchased, each of my Wall vs. Me canvas and acrylic prints arrived in mint condition! The colors were saturated, the frame was premium-quality, and they immediately brightened up my living space and provided a luxurious focal point wherever you turned.

  1. Enjoy Museum Quality Production

You get what you pay for, which is why Wall vs. Me utilizes professional-grade fine art materials to preserve the integrity of the art. Their 100% water-based ink is fade, scratch, crack, water- and warp-resistant, so now I can rest easy knowing my canvas print not only looks stunning, but is created to last. 

  1. Made From Sustainable Materials

Each frame is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and handcrafted using 100% real pine wood sourced from Italy’s sustainable forests, ensuring each piece plays a part in reducing its environmental impact. 

After investing in several pieces myself, I’m pleased to report I’ve officially been converted to the world of high-quality wall art and with the help of Wall vs. Me, plan on continuing to support artists and curate the home of my dreams!