So Gross, So Satisfying – This Bathroom Gadget Saved My Relationship

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There’s a million different relationship tests lurking around every corner. Communication, money, sickness, sharing food, Ikea, the list is endless. But shortly after the big decision to move in together comes one of the hardest tests of all – the drain.

A few weeks after we moved in, we noticed water seemed to drain slower than usual. Within a few months, water would collect up to our ankles and take as long as an hour to fully run out.

We popped out the drain plug and what did we find? An absolutely horrifying mass of hair, shampoo and other debris. I was gagging, my boyfriend was gagging. After a few bottles of drain cleaner, a visit from our plumber, some incredibly judgemental looks from my boyfriend and a trip to the salon, the problem was finally settled.

Not wanting to relive that every 6-12 months, I started researching ways to avoid another mass of hair, gunk and nightmare fuel from clogging our shower again.

Enter TubShroom, and here’s why it saved our relationship.

It’s Simple And Preventative

95% of the fixes I found were for after disaster strikes. Chemicals, plumbing snakes, service people, they were expensive, time-consuming and too little, too late.

TubShroom drops right into the drain and you forget it’s even there. Instead of hair and debris piling up deep inside the pipes, they’re all neatly collected by the TubShroom without slowing down draining water. It even works for pet hair! It fits snug inside any regular bathroom drain. There’s even a version for showers!

Cleanup Is A Breeze (And Grossly Satisfying)

No matter how long I wait, cleaning the TubShroom always takes just a few seconds. Remove from the drain, wipe with a tissue, put it back. Simple, fast, weirdly satisfying.

Nothing Beats The Price

The TubShroom is just $12.99 on Amazon. For a few dollars more you can get plug stoppers or one with a stainless steel finish. But compared to the untold cost of a plumber’s bill, you get a fast, affordable, and easy solution that removes the problem from your life entirely. I don’t know about you, but I consider that a solid deal. 

If you want more information, check them out on Amazon!