A Coach’s Warning To Parents

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Permanent vision loss, scratched outer surface, or even UV damage, when it comes to eye injuries in sports, I’ve seen it all. 

Yet, 90% of these injuries are preventable. 

As a little league coach, vision care should be everyone’s first priority because eye injuries can cause players to sit out for the rest of the season…or longer. 

That’s why I always recommend eyewear that is durable, protective, and suitable for all sports.

These Are The Most Common Eye Injuries

  • Eye Penetration
    Flying debris, broken glass from flimsy prescription glasses or other objects may penetrate the eye, causing permanent vision loss.  
  • Blunt Eye Trauma
    Many misjudge the speed of fast-flying objects. This causes ruptures, detachment of the retina, or broken bones around the eye. 
  • Ultraviolet Rays 
    One sidelined injury is radiation. When dealing with outdoor games, the rays from the sun can cause permanent damage. 

These are all serious injuries, and ones I’ve seen before. However, with the right protective eyewear, you can be rest assured they will never happen. 

How To Protect Your Eyes

After many seasons on the field, I have seen firsthand what great and not-so-great protective eyewear can do. 

While other glasses easily break, expose areas like the eyebrow, or don’t block light, Rec Specs® checks all the boxes to protect your kids’ eyes – and your worry.

Helps Improve Performance 

Before I started recommending Rec Specs® to parents, eye injury was a fear that many kids had. Now with their protective eyewear, they have more confidence to play, throw, and catch. 


It’s due to Rec Specs® technology that is 40 years in the making and backed by over 91 years of optical industry expertise. Their eyewear is designed for impact by using 5 unique features. Check them out below:

Available For Rx Prescription 

Regular prescription glasses not only get in the way during a game but can be a hazard if broken. 

If your young athlete needs prescription and protection, you don’t need to look any further than Rec Specs®. They offer prescription eyewear that meets the ASTM F803 standard needed for ultimate protection. 

Loved By All 

Whether it’s athletes, coaches, or little league parents, protective eyewear is a game-changer in the industry. 

And kids love wearing them too. They can choose from over 100 colors/designs. 

So what are you waiting for, give your active kid the protection they need, and order Rec Specs® today.