How I Hacked My Brain With The Breakthrough Device That Uses NASA & Tesla Technology

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How I was able to sleep better, de-stress and boost my energy with an electromagnetic therapy headband.

The stresses and struggles of our fast-paced modern life can feel difficult to manage. 

From work to family obligations and societal pressures, I began to notice my brain had difficulty effectively switching between tasks.

At night, when I sought to recharge, my brain was still buzzing, filled with thoughts that prevented me from getting the sleep I needed.

And at work, when I sought focus and energy, my brain was sluggish and distracted from a lack of deep restoration.

I began to feel overwhelmed by my daily life—like I was always one step behind. It felt as though I would never catch up.

Naturally, I began researching remedies. 

I knew a lifestyle change was out of the question—however nice it might sound, I couldn’t just quit my job or give up on all my obligations.

I didn’t need a major disruptive force—I just needed something that would help my brain do what it already wanted to do naturally. 

That’s when I discovered NeoRhythm.

NeoRythm is a breakthrough wearable technology designed to help your brain achieve deeper states of sleep, focus, relaxation, and revitalization.

It’s based on unique Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF) technology used by Tesla and NASA. And it’s the only multi-coil stimulation headband for at-home use—the very first of its kind.

According to Nikola Tesla… “Our entire biological system, the brain and the earth itself, work on the same frequencies.” 

NeoRhythm embraces this simple principle by pairing the internal frequencies of the brain with external frequencies delivered by the NeoRhythm headband in order to stimulate a state of mind your brain is already trying to achieve.

And it’s got a lot of support. It’s based on dozens of scientific studies and has been scientifically proven in multiple double-blind placebo-controlled scientific studies.

It’s clear that the people love it, too: It reached the status of Top 1% Crowdfunding Campaign with over 5,000 backers from 100 countries and counting.

Why NeoRhythm Works

Our every activity is reflected in the brain in the form of brainwaves with different frequencies – alpha, beta, gamma, delta and theta. NeoRhythm emits corresponding dominant and accompanying frequencies to which the brain synchronizes, creating a perfect mental environment for the desired state of mind.

With five different head positions and seven stimulation programs, NeoRhythm offers the largest and most precise stimulation available.

Medium-intensity magnetic fields create a perfect mental environment for sleep, meditation, relaxation, focus, and revitalization.

My NeoRhythm Experience

By using brainwave stimulation the brain to work at specific frequencies, NeoRhythm helps me get into my desired state of mind quicker and easier.

At night, I put on my NeoRhythm headband 20 minutes before I plan to go to sleep. The electromagnetic pulses help my brain to quickly access a deeper state of calm, and I feel myself becoming drowsy and ready for a good night’s rest.

I tap my device to set it in “Sleep Mode”, then place it under my pillow, where it emits gentle electromagnetic pulses all night long, helping me achieve deeper, longer sleep cycles. I’m no longer plagued by racing thoughts or nightly anxieties. Instead, I sleep more soundly and stir less frequently.

Thanks to NeoRhythm, my brain is able to get the boost it needs to deploy deep cycles of nightly restoration. I wake up feeling refreshed, alert, and energized for my day.

During the day, I also use my NeoRhythm device to help me access deeper levels of focus at work. I simply set my NeoRhythm to “Focus Mode” and place it over my forehead to help it target my prefrontal cortex.

NeoRhythm helps my brain tune out distractions and focus more deeply on my daily tasks. I am able to meet deadlines and achieve maximum productivity at work and at home.

Now that I know the difference NeoRhythm has made in my life, I’ll never go back. My wife was so impressed that she even got her own device! She uses it to achieve sounder sleep and help deepen her meditation practice.

Best of all, with NeoRhythm, my life once again feels manageable. I didn’t have to make any major changes or sacrifices in order to achieve a calmer and more focused state of being. All it took was one ingenious device designed to help my brain do what it was already trying to do, naturally. 

And the results speak for themselves.

Ready To Try It For Yourself?

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What Sets NeoRhythm Apart:

– Based on unique PEMF technology used by Tesla and NASA

– Backed by scientific studies

– Non-invasive technology and safe-to-use without any side effects

– Offers the largest and most precise stimulation area with 5 different positions and 7 different stimulation programs

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