My Son has ADHD & This Is The Only Thing He Can Focus On


My son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 8. In the years before, he would fall behind in school, interrupt in class, and found it tough to focus on his homework. 

While he had a hard time paying attention in school, I knew at home he loved to spend hours with games, puzzles, and even fixing broken things around the house. 

But it wasn’t until Codeverse that we found his superpower. 

Here’s why Codeverse changed my son’s life 

  • 1:1 classes 

Not only are the teachers engaging, but the personalized classes help my son build on his skills every week. 

  • Learn Anywhere

Whether it’s at his grandparents’ house or a sleepover, he can instantly get creative with the on-demand coding activities. 

  • Making Friends 

Codeverse has the only first-kids creator community so he can share his games with friends and they can play his!

He Sits For 50+ Minutes Now 

With his ADHD, he found it difficult to sit in school and pay attention, now his Codeverse instructors keep him motivated with virtual classes that are interactive and fun. Every class is 50+ minutes but gives every student skills that last a lifetime. 

Coding is the future

Technology is growing at a rapid speed and chances are you are reading this on your computer or a phone. But did you know that this and many of your favorite websites use coding for images, textes and layouts?  

Even places like Facebook, Google, Apple, and more have featured articles on Codeverse and the future of coding. 

So whether your kid is creative, loves math, or has a hard time paying attention, Codeverse has created a universe for all kids ages 6+ to learn, grow and build real-life skills that they can use in the future. 

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