The Best Quarantine Gift? A Digital Photo Frame.

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A New Era of Gift Giving 

Even before the pandemic, our busy lifestyles made it harder to keep up with loved ones who live far away. Now, with most of the world still quarantining and practicing social distancing, nearby friends and family may feel like they’re in an entirely different time zone. 

The one product that has brought me closer to my family during the pandemic? This digital picture frame. I use it daily and feel more connected to them than ever before. With this Nixplay frame, you can endlessly upload life’s many moments and send thousands of photos and videos to any of its frames in just a few clicks. 

This digital frame can share life’s significant moments—like graduating!—and quieter moments, like when you were finally able to rock the baby to sleep. According to Wired, “Frames like these are a good way to share pictures of the kids, the garden, or your crazy quarantine hair.”

The best part? They’re the perfect gift no matter who you’re shopping for. They’re especially great for the moms in your life—no wonder Oprah Magazine listed it as a “Thoughtful Mother-Daughter Gift.” And Motherly shared how it’s “perfect for mamas who stay up late scrolling through their phone’s photo album to glimpse their kiddos being adorable.” We all know that mom!

Let’s take a closer look at how digital photo frames keep far-flung families and friends together.

Why Go Digital?

Think about the thousands of photos and videos currently sitting on your computer and phone. That’s where digital frames come in. They transport them straight to the frame and let you reminisce. No paper, printing, or real-life framing required.

Forbes had high praise for this frame, sharing how “It can really bring to life any room in your home. And with the holiday season coming fast, it makes a thoughtful gift someone on your list is going to appreciate.”

With an easy setup process, nearly anyone can use a digital frame—even my grandpa set it up without fail. It’s also great for besties from high school who swore off social media or loved ones who like to keep things private. With one of these frames and a Wi-Fi connection, you’ll never miss a moment again. 

And even though traditional printed photos feel special, digital photo frames make each moment feel exceptional—especially since you can watch videos on replay. But the best part about going digital? You’re able to send never-before-seen, surprise moments to loved ones easily.

For instance, I can send media to Nixplay frames I’m connected to in three different ways: 1. Via email, using an exclusive Nixplay email address; 2. Through, where you can upload photos from your devices, social channels, or other storage services; 3. Via the Nixplay App.

Sleek Style, Secure Networks

Digital photo frames also nail it in the design department. You can choose from different finishes depending on your aesthetic. From wood-like to stainless steel finishes, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Most of them are lightweight too and come with a remote!

Also, when using digital frames, you can feel more at ease knowing your most cherished moments will only be shared with the people you want to share it with—and no one else! Because Nixplay uses only encrypted and secured networks and during setup, you create your own, invite-only private network. Say goodbye to curious internet folks you don’t want in your business!

Feel Connected Now

With the long list of advantages digital frames have over conventional frames, it’s no wonder more people across the globe are gifting smart frames! NBC News shared how Nixplay’s digital frame “…brings those memorable experiences to life right then and there (when you likely need them the most).”

Ready to share the good times with loved ones? Browse Nixplay’s collection now to find the perfect frame for you and start making moments last!

Find the perfect Nixplay frame for you here.

Editor’s Note:

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