The Perfect Gift For Every Teen On Your Holiday List

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TikTok dances and live streaming events have taken the internet by storm. The world has been taken over by internet stars and content creators pushing social media to its limits with amazing photos and videos.

When you take a peek behind the scenes, however, you’ll see this isn’t the work of camera crews and big budgets, but everyday smartphones.

And with millions of teens joining the trend every day, one of the top tools for content creators has become the hottest gift idea for parents, grandparents, and anybody shopping for the young teens in their lives.

It’s called Pivo Pod, an interactive pod that makes your smartphone even smarter.

Curious to see if this little gadget lives up to some of the marketing on their website, especially “Like a cameraman, just way better,” we put the tiny smart pod to the test. What we found was the Pod is not only a useful device for creative video content but a handy tool for capturing everyday moments as well!

So here’s why we (and that lucky someone on your list) became obsessed with Pivo Pod.

Auto-Tracking Is A Game Changer

One of the biggest drawbacks in keeping smartphones pocket-sized is that we limit its overall capabilities. And while this may not be noticeable to the everyday user, content creators know the struggle of capturing all the action in such a small frame. 

Pivo has a solution to that: Auto-Tracking

It’s a setting that allows your smartphone to follow you without moving out of frame. Auto-Tracking not only ensures you capture every second of the action, but it also opens the door for creative new internet content with hands-free use!

Best of all? It works in both portrait and landscape mode, perfect for when you need a wider frame on the go or want to show off over a video call with friends and family. 

It Lets Their Imagination Run Wild

In our book, Auto-Tracking makes Pivo Pod a worthwhile buy on its own. But we’d be wrong to gloss over the other amazing features that come included.

Smart Capture, for example, lets you take selfies and start videos at the snap of a finger – or whichever pose, gesture, or command you tell your Pod. Once activated, the Pod can either capture still images or record videos with the help of Auto-Tracking. 

Those with an experimental side will love their 9 Quick Create Modes, which essentially are special effects to achieve next-level shots. From simple panoramas and hyperlapse to capturing Tiny Planets, GIFs and cinemagraphs – there’s a whole new world of creative potential right at their fingertips.

The Pod also works seamlessly with many popular streaming networks, allowing users to broadcast hands-free to all of their favorite platforms at the same time!

Pivo Has Friends

A big drawback for many amateur content creators is not just saving up for gear, but finding out what works best for them among the thousands of brands out there. But Pivo makes it easy!

In addition to the Pod, the company offers a full line of gear tailor-made to work together, making the ultimate creator’s pack. From the adjustable Smart Mount to Studio 360, every accessory maximizes the device’s potential to get the perfect shot without the fear of compatibility issues.

Then there’s the Pivographers. Because how can you give social media fanatics a device like this without forming a community full of inspiration and increasingly mind-blowing posts? 

All it takes to join is to start creating and sharing on all their favorite networks. Not only does the company regularly feature some of their favorites, but content creators love connecting to enjoy each other’s work, share ideas, and even collaborate!

The Bottom Line

If you’re trying to find the perfect gift for any teen, Gen Z’er, or social media-minded millennial, it’s hard to do better than the Pivo Pod.

With so many smart features and easy-to-use accessories that truly expand a smartphone’s creative potential, it’s sure to see years of use even if your teen isn’t planning to be YouTube’s next rising star. 

Plus, you can buy with confidence knowing that should they ever run into issues with their gear – someone has their back!

Every Pivo Pod is backed by a 1-year warranty plus endless, 24/7 support from anywhere in the world through the Pivo Support Hub. Users can access helpful information in their articles or speak directly with a representative. This continued support also means regular updates for the Pivo Pod app, which lets users upgrade to the latest smartphone without losing Pod compatibility.

Ready to get gifting? Find out everything you need to know about Pivo and help everyone’s imagination on your list run wild at!