We Ranked The Best Robotic Vacuums For Your Condo

In the growing movement of smart-this, smart-that, the solutions to many pain points leave much to be desired. But while phones, computers, cars, even food ordering have seemed to figure it out, many smart-home products leave much to be desired.

But now there’s a cure for what ails most of us: dragging out the vacuum.

No more sighing, no more moving chairs, replacing filters or having the cord pulled out from behind you. These are the top 3 robotic vacuums.

Koios K13


  • Low noise
  • Four cleaning modes: auto, spot, edge and single-room
  • 500ml dust box

Oregon Scientific Strong Suction Robot Cleaner


  • 1400pa of suction power
  • User-created cleaning schedule with auto-off and auto-recharging
  • 360-degree motion

Deebot N79S


  • Wi-fi connectivity allows activation when not at home
  • Over 100 minutes of continuous cleaning
  • Most-purchased robotic vacuum on Amazon