10 Reasons Why I Gave Up Chips For This

If you’re anything like me, you might’ve looked at the pandemic as a good excuse to let loose on your diet. After all, working from home, right next to the kitchen, has made it awfully hard to say no to an every-other-hour snack. But after feeling sluggish and generally unwell for the past couple of months, I realized I may have hit the junk food a little too hard. It was definitely time to cleanse, reset and refocus on creating healthier habits. And that started with cleaner eating.  

Cutting out snack cakes, ice cream and even granola bars proved to be pretty easy, but chips, admittedly, were my biggest weakness. Growing up, I used to have a snack-sized bag of potato chips every day at lunch, which created a craving that has lingered long into adulthood. And while I’ve realized you can’t eat them every day as an adult and feel good, I’m still a human being at the end of the day. A human with insatiable cravings for salty, crunchy goodness. 

So, as an avid snacker turned nutrition enthusiast, I’ve found that the easiest way to stay on track is not to cut out snacking completely. (For me, that just leads to overdoing it later on.) Instead, I’ve made it my mission to find healthy swaps for my favorite snacks that allow me to indulge without any guilt. But, of course, not all chip alternatives are created equally. 

Throughout this health reset, I’ve tried baked, lower-cal versions of chips, crumbly, grain-free cracker alternatives, and even veggies disguised as straw-shaped crisps, but all of them failed in two key categories: flavor and crunch. 

Feeling near-defeated, my friend introduced me to  Uprising Food’s Freedom Chips, a nutritious chip alternative made from the same amazing ingredients that are in their best selling superfood bread. After just a few fingers-full, I became hooked. Here’s why they’ve become my new go-to snack food – and the subject of all my crunchy cravings.

1. Impeccable Taste & Crunch  

“Healthy” chips, crisps and crackers often taste like cardboard. Or worse, they lack the ear-pleasing crunch you need to curb your cravings, leaving you feeling empty and unsatisfied. 

Freedom Chips, fortunately, offer two finger-licking flavors (rye and sea salt) that delight your taste buds and even take you back to childhood. Plus, they’re made with a chef designed mouth-feel, which means they’ve been intentionally baked to crunch like no other.

2. Made With Clean Ingredients 

As a hardcore label-reader, I was terrified to learn that most potato chips contain more than the simple recipe implies. To achieve the perfect balance of salt and crunch, I thought you only needed three key ingredients: potatoes, salt and oil, right? Wrong. 

In addition to fillers and hard-to-pronounce preservatives, your average store bought bag of fried chips can contain acrylamide, a neurotoxin that’s known to increase your chance for disease and cause cancer. (Yikes.)

The Sea Salt flavor of Freedom Chips, however, are made with only 10 clean ingredients (apple cider vinegar, organic egg whites, MCT oil, olive oil, baking powder, water and salt), 3 of which are fiber powerhouses that promote healthy digestion (almond flour, golden flaxseed and psyllium husk).

3. Only 2 Net Carbs Per Serving

No one reaches for chips when they’re looking for a carb-conscious snack. And that’s because a standard serving contains around 15 grams of carbs and very little fiber, which is the perfect recipe for a post-snack energy crash. (And of course, it’s hard to eat just one serving anyway.)

An entire bag of Superfood Freedom Chips, however, contains only 2 net carbs, making them the perfect choice for anyone who’s keto or living a low-carb lifestyle. 

4. They’re Diet-Friendly

While Freedom Chips make great a great snack for those on keto, they’re also the perfect cracker alternative for those who are paleo, gluten-free, grain-free or for anyone looking to lose a few pounds. 

Made without any inflammatory grains and refined flours, Freedom Chips offer a delightful, true-to-real-chips crunch that won’t spike your blood sugar. 

5. They Actually Burn Fat 

Traditional chips are made with fatty oils – and not the good, heart-healthy kind, which means over-snacking could increase your risk of high cholesterol and hypertension. 

But one of my favorite things about Freedom Chips is that they’re actually boosted with healthy, fat-burning friendly oils. Both olive oil and MCT oil contain medium chain triglycerides which your body quickly absorbs and turns into energy. These easily digestible compounds are also known to produce hormones that keep you full and in the fat-burning zone. (So no more worrying about breaking ketosis or “ruining your workout.”)

6. Good For Your Gut and Your Digestive Health

As someone who prioritizes my gut health, I’m always looking for ways to up my fiber intake. But like 95% Americans, even I struggle to eat enough of it.

While the daily recommended serving is between 25 and 38 grams, or the equivalent of 6-9 apples, most people aren’t consuming anywhere near that. And that’s why scientists think so many of us struggle with skin conditions, bloating, sluggishness and more. 

Luckily, Freedom Chips deliver a delicious fiber-packed punch that will help you hit your daily fiber goals and regulate your digestion. Each serving contains 8-9 whopping grams, which means you can improve your gut health just by snacking. 

7. Packed With Macronutrients

As someone who keeps track of macros, I try to only eat foods with essential nutrients that actually fuel my body. And while potato chips have never been known for their stellar nutritional value, it’s even harder to justify eating them once I realized how little energy they actually offer me. 

A standard serving of potato chips contains around 152 calories, most of which is heart-harmful fat variants. In one sitting, you could easily exceed your daily fat intake and overdo it on the calories – without consuming any real nutrients. 

One serving of Freedom chips, on the other hand, contains 170 filling calories, 2 net carbs, 8 grams of protein and 11 grams of heart-healthy fats to keep you going all day long.

8. Handmade By Artisans

Most of your favorite big-brand chips are mass produced and processed in factories, meaning the chips you buy may have been on the shelf for weeks. (Gross.)

But because Uprising Foods is founded by artisan bakers, you can rest assured knowing each batch is handmade fresh and baked to perfection by a professional who cares about quality – not about quantity.

9. Delivered To My Door 

These days, I dread getting groceries more than anything. The thought of careening around strangers’ carts in a packed supermarket just to snag some chips feels like a total nightmare to me. Which is while I value convenience and safety more than most things. 

Luckily, Uprising Food bakes their chips fresh and mails them to my door at the start of every week, allowing me to stay home and snack peacefully – and keep my cravings satisfied each month. 

10.  I Can Indulge Guilt-Free

Mindless munching can add up fast, which is why I’ve had to keep all junk food out of my house while getting healthy. But now, I can enjoy my favorite crunchy snack foods again without having to compromise my lifestyle, count carbs or wait for “cheat day.” In fact, cravings are now opportunities to boost my health with Uprising! 

Freedom Chips are the perfect complement to salsa, hummus, guac, buffalo chicken dip – you name it. And, what’s even better is: they’re delicious beyond just dipping. 

Crumble them atop salads for a gluten-free, low-carb crouton, use them as a crunchy casserole topping or add them to your charcuterie board. Whatever salty, crunchy craving you may have, these chips will satisfy it – without any guilt at all. 

Ready to treat your taste buds and nourish your body?  

Try Uprising Food’s Freedom Chips today and enjoy snacking again.

See what’s got snackers everywhere smacking their lips: 

“WHERE HAVE THESE BEEN ALL MY LIFE? These chips are the BEST low carb savory snack I have ever tried. They are delicious and have the perfect crunch, something no other low carb “chip” has ever mastered.” –Anastasia B. 

“These are the best chips! Tasty and crunchy. Absolutely no sneaky ingredients. No cravings or crashes after eating these and I still lose weight the next day. Even my picky grandson who will only eat conventional snack foods loves them!” –Carol A. 

“Life saver! My problem with keto was the lack of snack food. Uprising has given the world a great crunchy chip.” B.

“WOW! These chips are amazing! So happy that I ordered. They are perfect for spinach dip, croutons in a salad, crushed over creamy soup, and so much more. They will now be a staple in my pantry- thank you Uprising!” –Natalie P.