I Lost My Life To Joint Pain – Until I Found This

If you’re anything like me, you may have let joint pain get in the way of living for far too long. 

For years, I sat on the sidelines too stiff and swollen to get out and active, which led to further pain, weight gain and other health complications. But the pain didn’t just impact my physical health. 

Staying inside and isolated from friends and family left me with debilitating depression and anxiety, which destroyed my confidence––and strained my most cherished relationships. 

After missing more than a handful of birthdays, vacations, and other precious moments, I finally decided it was time to take control of my pain and take back my life. 

That’s when I discovered LAMININE. 

The (Real) Secret To Reversing Joint Pain

Unlike topical creams, compresses and pain meds, LAMININE works deep beneath the surface to reverse pain at the source: your DNA. 

If you’re a skeptic like me, you’re probably wondering how that’s even possible. Which is why I did my research. 

As we age, our telomeres, or the shoelace-like caps that protect our DNA, get shorter, leaving our chromosomes exposed to damage. The result? Slower cell regeneration and faster aging.

Luckily, these telomeres can be lengthened by FGF-2, which is an important egg bioactive growth factor clinically shown to activate most stem cells in the human body. (The more you know!) Unluckily, however, we lose the ability to produce FGF-2 as we age. 

That’s why LAMININE combines its special fertilized egg extract, a natural source of FGF-2, with 22 essential amino acids to relieve pain in 5 ways: 

1. Repairs & regenerates cells

After 50 years of research, a renowned Norwegian discovered that a bio-protein found in young avian egg embryos can stimulate telomere activity for better DNA and cell health. 

When taken regularly, Lifepharm’s fertilized avian egg extract has been shown to:

  • Lengthen telomeres
  • Stimulate cartilage repair
  • Activate stem and bone cells
  • Regenerate cells that restore healthy tissue

2. Protects and rebuilds cartilage

With all 22 amino acids packed into each dose, you get the necessary nutrients your body needs to repair tissue damage and rebuild cartilage, the coating that keeps joints fluid and bones cushioned from impact. 

3. Lowers cortisol levels and boosts serotonin 

As an added bonus, LAMININE can also help relieve the stress and tension that come with a life of chronic pain. 

Recent studies show that regular LAMININE use can lower your cortisol levels by up to 23.7%, leading to a greater sense of wellbeing overall. But that’s not all. 

LAMININE has also been shown to boost serotonin, which not only elevates your mood, but also helps to: 

  • Increase cell division 
  • Improve bone metabolism
  • Optimize digestion
  • Increase your appetite
  • Induce deeper, more restful sleep

4. Prevents free radical damage

LAMININE contains cysteine, an important antioxidant known to protect cells from free radicals, which destroy cell membranes, damage joints and lead to illness and early aging.

When taken regularly, however, LAMININE can help prevent oxidative stress and protect your body from dangerous toxins. 

5. Helps build collagen 

While the amino acid glycine provides numerous health benefits, like liver and heart protection, creatine creation, and more, it also helps build collagen, which is essential for joint health. 

Found in LAMININE’s proprietary amino acid profile, glycine allows the collagen helix to form in its unique structure while delivering anti-inflammatory properties that support better nervous system and cellular health overall. 

Ready to take control of your pain and take back your life?

Experience Life-Changing Relief

Hear how LAMININE has improved the lives of people everywhere.

After about two weeks it changed my life. I suffered from a debilitating condition and cartilage degeneration. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t get down on the floor. I couldn’t do anything. Now I can walk, I can get out of bed in the morning without being in such discomfort… I believe in it 100 percent. It got me off of the pharmaceuticals that I was taking. –Ruth H.

“At 70, I have a severely degenerated hip joint and knee. Laminine is the only product that I consider worthy of taking for relief. All the topicals and pain meds prescribed by physicians do not match up to the relief and reliability of this product.” –Susan K. 

“Before LAMININE I was limping badly due to soreness in my knees. Today, I’m limp-free.” –Bonnie S.