How Legal Psychedelics Saved My Social Life

As embarrassing as it is to admit: I’ve spent most of my mid-twenties with my head in the toilet. 

And I owe it all to alcohol. 

While booze was once my go-to party companion, brunch plus-one and sunny day sidekick, the side effects from casual sipping alone started to take a toll on my body, mind and mood.

Between bouts of unpredictable nausea, day-ruining dizziness and debilitating headaches, I finally found the strength to take a break from booze. But I never expected to give it up for good. 

One day, while mindlessly watching TikToks during a mid-hangover pity party, I stumbled upon a solution that would change my recreational drinking game forever: Psychedelic Water. 

Made with a mellow blend of micro-psychedelics, this first-of-its-kind fusion is celebrated for delivering the perfect mood-boosting buzz––without any agonizing side effects. 

And no joke…it actually works.

Here are just a few reasons why I’m breaking up with booze and switching to Psychedelic Water for good.

Like Relaxation In a Can

If you’ve ever had a bad trip or gotten way too uncomfortably high; breathe easy. Psychedelic Water isn’t like that. 

Unlike ‘shrooms, LSD or weed, there’s no mental inhibition or face-melting effects that will make you feel on edge or out of control. Instead, you’ll forego the mental anguish for pure, euphoric bliss.

When I first tried Psychedelic Water, I started to feel REAL chill 15 minutes after my first sip.

What began as a delightfully bizarre tongue-tingling sensation, quickly turned into a full-body buzzing, which sent me into a tranquil state of calm. 

After finishing can #1, the effects only intensified (in the best way possible).

All the stress and tension from a particularly demanding work week began to melt away, and for the first time in a long time, I felt truly at ease. 

Blended For Pure Bliss

If you’re used to pounding beers and mixed drinks all night to keep the vibe alive you’ll be relieved to know that Psychedelic Water leaves you feeling light and lifted––not heavy, sluggish or bloated. And that’s completely intentional. 

Every can is infused with a proprietary and meticulously crafted herb blend starring 3 active ingredients––kava root, damiana leaf & green tea extract––which work synergistically to balance each other out and enhance each ingredient’s effect. 

Kava Root

Used for centuries as a social drink to promote feelings of euphoria, this mood-boosting psychedelic root is included to help you feel calm, clear-headed and happy. 

Damiana Leaf

While damiana has most commonly been used as an aphrodisiac, the master mixologists behind Psychedelic Water harness its psychoactive properties to help you feel less stressed and way more easy-going. 

Green Tea Extract

More than just a fat-burning beverage, green tea is used in this blend as an energy boost to balance the soothing effects of kava. That way, you feel alert not lethargic. 

More Than a Mood Boost

While I’ve found Psychedelic Water to be the perfect party companion, it’s also crafted to enhance your every day. 

With therapeutic effects ranging from relaxation to mild giggle fits, you’ll find pure bliss in every sip. 

Chills You Out

Stressful work days and intense study sessions have always had me reaching for something to take the edge off. 

Now, I can come home, crack open a can of happy, and achieve euphoria without dozing off or zoning out. 

In the same way that a good run gives you that full-body high, a few sips leave me feeling loose, relaxed and chilled out from head-to-toe. 

Lifts You Up

While getting baked can make you slap-happy, this kind of bliss feels totally different. 

Much like the pure, unadulterated joy you may feel on a summer day with friends, Psychedelic Water lifts you up, gets you giggly and keeps you cheesin’. Basically, it’s good vibes in liquid form. 

As an added plus: it’s not a depressant so you won’t feel super bummed the next day. 

Opens Your Mind

As someone who’s always needed to pregame before parties, I find a few sips do wonders for my social anxiety. 

With a clear head, I feel less self conscious and way more in tune with the people and world around me. This liberating energy has opened me up to new experiences and allowed me to build deeper connections I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. 

Enhances Creativity 

While I initially learned about Psychedelic Water from one of my favorite influencers on TikTok, a quick Google search revealed that artists, creators and industry pioneers in all corners of the world sip it to get their creative juices flowing. 

Most notably, Grammy-nominated artist Murda Beatz sips Psychedelic Water to expand his mind, conquer creative blocks and spark fresh ideas. 

It Actually Tastes Good

If you’ve ever had (or heard of) kava tea, Psychedelic Water is definitely not that. Though kava’s therapeutic properties date back to ancient times, not a lot has been done about it’s earthy, unpalatable flavor. Until now. 

With exciting and meticulously perfected blends like Hibiscus Lime (a refreshingly tart take on floral tea) and Blackberry Yuzu (their best-selling berry + citrus combo), kava takes a backseat to delicious natural fruit flavors. That way, you get a smooth and refreshing experience––with none of the bitter aftertaste. 

If you’re not sure which flavor is your jam, you can get a variety pack and try both. (Trust me–this is the best way to go.)

Experience the Buzz

See why everyone from award-winning artists to everyday chill-seekers like me love Psychedelic Water. 

“Mmmm transcendental. I’m lowkey obsessed…It’s refreshing & literally boosts my mood, elevates my mind and expands my soul. I’m really grateful for these to be in existence!” –Nicole K. 

I want something that will make me feel good and expand my creativity while in the studio or on tour; Psychedelic water does exactly that.”-Murda Beatz, multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated

“Never been so relaxed. I literally can’t remember the last time I had so little tension – physically and mentally. The effects kicked in quickly, I felt relaxed, and I slept way better.” –Stephane W.

My boyfriend and I tried it the other night and we both felt super uplifted and stimulated! We were giggly & extremely happy; the energy was amazing. It felt somewhat like a micro dose but without the shrooms/lsd lol…” –Alina G.

Ready to catch the feels for yourself?

Find your favorite flavor and experience euphoria today.